For us at Sparla, sustainability is of utmost importance. Our vision is to break the curse of overconsumption and contribute to better financial health in society. Below we present some of the actors we take. Please write to us at to know more about our sustainability strategy.

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Our promise

1. Donate 10% of our profit to actors working towards the United Nations Sustainability Goal Agenda 2030, target 15.2.
2. Seek to raise capital from investment companies that have a sustainability strategy.

3. We apply triple-based reporting with equal focus on “people”, “profit”, and “planet”.

4. We strive to become one of the top three companies in the fintech industry when it comes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Our pricing is transparent. We do not sell any data and have no hidden fees.

6. Involve all employees in our sustainability principles and their development.

7. Selection of partners, suppliers, and subcontractors who share our sustainability principles.

8. Keep our environmental impact to a minimum. Read more about the ways we do so below.

How we minimize our impact

- Use sustainable alternatives when it comes to financial services, pensions, and investments

- Uses vegetarian food at events and meetings

- Uses recycled furniture and office materials as much as possible and recycle what materials we can

- Public transport, bicycles, or used vehicles with renewable fuels or electricity

- Are digital and keeps paper usage to a minimum

-  Chooses a hotel or accommodation option with the least possible environmental impact

- Uses green electricity with little environmental impact

- Keep travel to a minimum and use trains when travel is required. If we must fly, we choose trips with renewable fuel and low carbon dioxide emissions.