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Sparla School: a new online course to fight overconsumption

Stockholm: Today, Sparla launched the “Sparla School”, which is a free educational module in their app with the aim of supercharging young adults and students with knowledge on personal finance and sustainable living. The “Money” course covers several topics, such as budgeting, paying off debt, reining in food expenses, investing, and the “Financial Independence, Retire Early” (FIRE) movement. The course “Sustainable Living” was designed to raise awareness about minimalism and having an environment in mind in everyday living. Members receive sparlies, which are points awarded for finishing the lessons and can be exchanged for discounts from sustainable brands, such as Enkla Kassen, Hack Your Closet, and Karma. Gamified interface, quizzes, and personal stories make the lessons fun, informative, and engaging. The Sparla app is available in the App Store.

“With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas discounts ahead of us, we might easily find ourselves buying more than we really need. Fueled by targeted advertising and ‘buy now, pay later’ payment options, the feeling might be that this is the occasion to shop extra. This, in turn, might lead to overconsumption and buying things that end up collecting dust

and discounting our savings. With Sparla School, we want to remind our members that shopping sustainably is about choosing things and experiences that we really love, choosing reused and recycled products minimizing the impact on the planet and our wallet. The courses consist of interesting short stories of young adults in their mission to save money for their first apartment down payment and practicing sustainable living.”

Sparla School is the first module; very soon, we will launch the automated budgeting tool to make it simple to plan and maintain a budget. We are in the process of acquiring registration of the Financial Authority. As soon as we become registered, we will roll-out our new exciting personal finance products. Until then, we hope our members will start supercharging with knowledge and skills on sustainable living and personal finance”, says Carolina Westin, co-founder and CMO at Sparla.


SUSTAINABLE PERSONAL FINANCE. We believe people’s spending and saving habits will impact both their well-being and the planet overall, and we aim to supercharge our members with financial skills, tools, and knowledge. Launched in 2020, Sparla is a new Swedish fintech startup that is challenging current financial players whose business models depend largely on making people spend and borrow more. Being truly on customers’ side and having sustainability as the North Star, Sparla will help GenZ and Millennials to build sustainable personal finances. Sparla is backed by ALMI. Follow @Sparla on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

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