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Become financially fit today!
Become financially fit today. Sparla helps you.

Learn how to grow strong and sustainable financial habits.

Receive offers from our partners.

Help the environment by reducing overconsumption and planting trees.

Feel safe. Always top grade security. Learn more.

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How it works

See how much you can spend today, receive a monthly budget, and collect points to achieve exclusive offers from sustainable brands.


- Daily budget - how much can you spend ‘guilt-free’?

- Overview - how well have you kept your budget?

- Connect your bank accounts and receive an automated monthly budget.

- Save both for long-term goals and pleasure.


- Collect points when making better financial decisions.

- Use the points to receive discounts from sustainable brands or use the points to plant trees.

At Sparla good financial decisions unlock good offers. Some of our partners. 
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What is Sparla?

Sparla is an app helping you to manage your personal finances in a sustainable way.

Why Sparla?

Our business model is different. It is fair. For both you and the world.

Unlike many other apps, we don’t make money by giving you loans. We also do not sell any data or run advertisements from other lenders or large banks. We are transparent and fair to you and hope you are fair to us. Besides, together with you, we will take climate action to make the world a better place. Win-win for us all!

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Join the Sparla movement today!

Sparla is launching in late 2020. Sign up to beta-test the app together with us. The First 1000 users get 6 months for free.



Your personal finances own PT, become financially fit with Sparla today!

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Sparla is launching 2020. Join now to beta-test and get 6 months for free.